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fresh air sticks Aqua,Moment,Secret

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cash on delivery in all over pakistan Air freshener with the following fragrances: MOMENTS – Floral – woody: floral fragrance (jasmine, geranium) enhanced with woody notes (amber, cedar) with a semi-oriental background that invites you to relax. SECRETS -Floral – fruity: floral fragrance (pink, violet) with marine tones and accompanied by a slight fruity touch (tangerine, ma ) that provide a sense of freedom, harmony and well-being. ACQUA – Central – Musk: fresh eccentric fragrance (lemongrass, mandarin) with orange and pink blossom, tinted with a musk background, conveying a new air of dynamism, color, energy, luminosity and optimism. Remove the wooden ring and the plastic cover. Replace the wooden ring on the top of the bottle. Insert the rods and extend them in fan form. Smaller rods may be used for a smaller space. Periodically (eg once a week) the rods can be turned around to achieve a higher intensity. (I.e. Keep out of the reach of children. Lay on a stable surface. Always keep in the upright position. Avoid sources of heat. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not empty into drains. Bottle with 65 ml of perfume + 8 wands + wooden ring. cash on delivery in all over Pakistan


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